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Find a Sober Living Home in the United States

If you are looking for a Sober Living Home on the East Coast, in the South, South East or Midwest, please review Liberty Ranch.

If you are looking for a Sober Living Home on the West Coast, in the Midwest or South West, please review Liberty House.

Liberty House

Liberty House sober living home is an alternative to alcohol rehab and provides structure to live a sober life and return back into society and employability.

Liberty House sober living home is dedicated to providing ongoing recovery treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism. Studies in Alcohol and drug abuse have shown that long-term sobriety are increased by long-term recovery in a sober living home that offers 12 step support and addiction treatment. Liberty House sober living home provides the skills necessary to effectively transition into a healthy sober lifestyle and return to work while living in a structured environment. Liberty House sober living provides residents time to build and participate in and learn to apply the 12 step recovery program appropriate to their chemical dependency treatment. Liberty House utilizes the same process a drug rehab residential addiction treatment center utilizes, but at a fraction of the cost.

Liberty House is located in Century City Los Angeles, California and offers residents 24-hour management, daily house meetings, 12 step support and three home-cooked meals a day.

If you feel you or your teen or other family member have a drug abuse problem, or an alcohol addiction, you may be in need of Liberty House. Please feel free to call us for a personal consultation (877) 368-4258.

Liberty House sober living home provides referrals to residential treatment centers specializing in alcohol addiction treatment and drug abuse. 

For a free needs assessment consultation, please contact Liberty House toll free at (877) 368-4258 or send us an email.

Liberty Ranch

The Liberty Ranch is being built as we speak and is to be a sober living, drug abuse and alcohol recovery home in the Grove Ridge Community off of Highway 501 in Kings Mountain, Kentucky.  Liberty Ranch sober living home rooted in 12 step recovery from drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

Larry Luttrell founded Liberty House in December of 1994 after spending four years managing and starting several other recovery from addiction sober living homes in Los Angeles.  Within two-years of opening the Liberty House, various newspaper and magazine articles such as Time, Premiere Magazine & U.S. News were writing about the success of Liberty House. 

Liberty House sober living has worked with some very well known Grammy Award winning musicians and Academy Award Winning actors. We have been recognized at the 1998 Grammy Award ceremony, and in November of 1999, we were featured on E! Entertainment because of our addiction recovery work with an actor being featured on Entertainment Tonight.  We have worked closely with several production companies to provide information about addiction, drug abuse and drug and alcohol intervention for documentaries, movies of the week and television series. 

Sober living homes are critical to addiction recovery.  The Liberty Ranch sober living from drug abuse and alcohol fills the void between a drug treatment center and returning home.  By providing a safe, supportive environment rooted in 12 step principles, many suffering from alcohol and drug addiction will be able to achieve the tools necessary to remain clean and sober. Liberty Ranch teaches addiction recovery to begin leading sober, productive lives. 

Contact Liberty Ranch Sober Living Home and speak with one of our staff members today:   877-368-4258. Take the first step in sobriety! Also, please feel free to send us an email. We will get back to you right away: larryl@thelibertyranch.com   


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